GOP Strategist Jen Kerns Drops Hilarious Truth Bomb About Hillary’s Blame Game

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Appearing on Fox News on Saturday, GOP strategist and political commentator, Jen Kerns, offered a slam dunk assessment of Hillary Clinton’s blame game:

You know, it’s been said by a few folks this week that Hillary Clinton is like the O.J. Simpson of politics. She’s still out there a year later looking for the real killer of her campaign. Turns out it was her. I tend to agree with that.

I can tell you as a campaign press secretary for the last ten years, this is what happens. This is a textbook case of a candidate surrounding themselves with yes-people. They surround themselves with people who tell them what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

I always had a policy, I told candidates: “I will never lie for you, and I’ll never lie to you – and that includes giving you the hard advice.” It’s very clear this week, and this book tour, that Hillary Clinton has still not had advisers close to her that have been willing to really tell her the hard truth, which is she bears the burden of the blame for her failed campaign.


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